Odyssey is a Dealer Management System (DMS) created specifically for the commercial vehicle industry. Odyssey is full of useful features for your business, with a focus on parts and service departments. It also contains it's own CRM system to manage and analyse Customers, Prospects, Contacts, and Vehicles.

Our Odyssey system allows user to:

  • 1
    Manage Stock

    Users have the ability to create, edit, delete stock records. The system also keeps track of the total, available, allocated and imprest stock quantities.

  • 2
    Purchase and Sublet Control

    Keep track of all your purchase orders and suppliers, as well as automatically adjust your stock when a purchase order is recieved.

  • 2
    Workshop Management

    Manage your workshop more effectively using schedules, appointments, and jobs. All jobs can be assigned to a specific engineer or technician on a specific date and time.